Manali To Rohtang Pass Taxi Fare Service Charges Rental

Manali To Rohtang Pass Taxi Fare Service Charges Rental – 

Hire TAXI For Rohtang Pass in JUST RS – 2500.00 INR  per couple 

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Note – rates and avaliibilty can be changed without any notice , and its depends upon NGT Terms and Vehicle Availability

Taxi Charges For Rohtang Pass

Alto Indica Santro Spark Van Eco Gypsy Indigo Swift Sumo Mahindra-Maxx Qualis Travera Sumo-grand Innova Scorpio Xylo
2500.00 3500.00 4000.00 5000.00

The other hamlets around Manali also have houses embellished with wood carving. The Rohalla falls are on the way to Rohtang pass from Manali and are worth visiting. On the way to Rohtang at Beas Nallah one has to cross the river Beas. This river starts from here ( Beas Kund ) . There are daily bus tours to Rohtang pass.

Taxi Charges For Local SIght Seeing Manali

 Details -Taxi For 3.5 Hours Which Cover all Local sight seeing of Manali (Hadimba Temple, Club House, Tibetan Monastery, Van Vihar, Vashisht Sulphur spring).

Alto Indica Santro Spark Van Eco Gypsy Indigo Swift Sumo Mahindra-Maxx Qualis Travera Sumo-grand Innova Scorpio Xylo
1000.00 1500.00 2000.00 2500.00

Taxi Charges Kullu Naggar

Kullu Valley and Heritage Village Naggar enjoy river rafting in Beas river visit Naggar Castle , Kaisa Monemstry , Roick International Gallery . Evening back to Manali

Alto Indica Santro Spark Van Eco Gypsy Indigo Swift Sumo Mahindra-Maxx Qualis Travera Sumo-grand Innova Scorpio Xylo
2200.00 2800.00 3000.00 4000.00

Taxi Charges For Manikaran

 Kullu Valley and Manikaran enjoy river rafting in Beas river visit Manikaran Historical Gurudwara and Manikaran Hot water spring. Evening back to Manali

Alto Indica Santro Spark Van Eco Gypsy Indigo Swift Sumo Mahindra-Maxx Qualis Travera Sumo-grand Innova Scorpio Xylo
2500 3000.00 3500.00 4000.00

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Rohtang Pass is entryway to the Lahul Sapti from the Kullu valley. Distance between Manali and Rohtang Pass is fifty onekilometers. It is prime tourist attraction at Manali. Rohtang pass is located on the altitude of 3976 meters. It is usual feeling to be on the top of everything at Rohtang Pass , however it feels to be on top Rohtang but Rohtang is lower than then its neighbor hills. Rohtang Pass is a flat surface within two mountains. It believed that these mountains had given a way to a saint to finish their journey ahead.

Taxi Charges For Other Location

The rates below are to estimate the cost of a trip, actual charges may vary based on travel points.Contact for your specific requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote. Rates shown below are in Indian National Rupees(INR).
Alto Swift/Indigo Scorpio/Xylo Innova Tempo Traveler
01 Shimla Local (Halfday) 1000/- 1200/- 1600/- 1800/- 2500/-
02 Shimla Local (Fullday ) 1500/- 1800/- 2200/- 2500/- 3500/-
03 Kufri tour 1000/- 1200/- 1600/- 1800/- 2500/-
04 Kufri Chail tour 1600/- 1800/- 2200/- 2500/- 3500/-
05 Kufri Narkanda tour 2000/- 2200/- 2500/- 2800/- N/A
06 Tattapani Naldera tour 1600/- 1800/- 2300/- 2500/- 3500/-
07 Shimla ISBT (Pickup/drop) 
Shimla Railway station
08 Shimla air port 1200/- 1400/- 1600/- 2000/- 2800/-
09 Shimla to Chandigarh (Pickup/drop) 2500/- 2850/- 3250/- 3500/- 5500/-
10 Shimla to Delhi (Pickup/drop) 6500/- 7000/- 9500/- 10,000/- 14,000/-
11 Shimla to Dharamshala (Pickup/drop) 4500/- 5000/- 6000/- 6500/- 8500/-
12 Shimla to Manali(Pickup/drop) 4500/- 5000/- 6000/- 6500/- 8500/-
13 Shimla to Amritsar (Pickup/drop) 6000/- 7000/- 8500/- 9000/- 13500/-
14 Shimla to Rishikesh (Pickup/drop) 5000/- 6000/- 7500/- 8000/- 12000/-
15 Shimla Mussorie (Pickup/drop) 5000/- 6000/- 7500/- 8000/- 12000/-
16 Shimla to Amritsar (Pickup/drop) 6500/- 7000/- 9000/- 10000/- 14000/-
17 Shimla to Ambala (Pickup/drop) 3000/- 3500/. 4000/- 4500/- 7000/-

Rohtang Pass is closed on Tuesday.

On the way to Rohtang pass one can find many food stalls serving variety of foods. You can get a cold drink as shopkeepers keep then in running water to maintain the temperature as there is no need of a refrigerator here. One can relish the food by sitting inside the low running water of the river Beas. There are some more important places to see and are listed below. 

Nehru Kund:

alt=”Valley On the way to Rohtang pass” />Being a favorite place of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, this place is named as Nehru Kund. One can see pure water rushing out of rocks. As per the local belief, the water has some medicinal effect. This place is just 6-7 Kms from Manali.


This is supposed to be the first village on the banks of Beas river. The area is scenic and many hotels are available to have refreshments and enjoy the nature. Kothi is located at 15Kms from Manali on hill top with curved roads.


This place is considered as a picnic spot and starting point to Brighu lake trekking. The area is filled with beautiful flowers and very calm and pleasant. Gulaba is 20Kms fromManali.

Rahla Fall:

This water fall is from one of the branches of River Beas. The height of the water fall is nearly 50Mts. This fall is 27Kms from Manali


alt=”Marhi On the way to Rohtang pass” />This place is as famous as Rohtang pass. Fully covered with snow, all kind of water sports are available. Whenever Rohtang pass is closed due to bad weather conditions, tourist are allowed to visit upto this place. The place is surrounded by lush green meadows. All kind of restaurants (both indoor and outdoor) are available here. 
Marhi is 35 Kms from Manali

Rani Nala:

This is the glacier where snow is available for the entire year. Rani Nala is 40Kms fromManali
The main attraction for tourist at Rohtang pass is snow and the scenic beauty of the area. The road is very narrow near the Rohtang pass and the parking of vehicles is very difficult and one has to be very alert while parking the vehicles because slight distraction may be hazardous. 

Image Gallery
Rohtang on the way
Marhi before Rohtang pass

Hence it is advisable to come here very early in the morning and stay upto afternoon and starts returning once the traffic gets clear. But if you start late to visit here then you may have to walk a bit or take help of horse to reach the peak point.Walking here is not a big problem but not advisable for elderly persons or small kids. It can be a 15 to 30 minutes walk depending on the traffic to reach the snow point from the parking area. The safest and the easiest way to reach the snow point is by horse ride but it is a bit costly ride, but elderly and the small children can comfortably use this service. The horse man charges around Indian Rupees 400 per trip ( both ways ) per horse. Tourists plan their trip in early hours to reach Rohtang very early to avoid traffic and reach at the snow point, at the same time it is equally difficult to return as all vehicles way down as to be clear the road. So going early mean returning late from there. Some time this may not be a good options for families with kids to stay long time in cold conditions. So other option is to start late and take the help of horses ( or walk ) to reach the top. 
All types of food stuff, coffee and drinks are available at Rohtang pass and these are sold by local people. The weather here is highly unpredictable and it does not take much time for the bright sun shine to change over to moderate to heavy snow fall. The shop owners have provided some temporary sheds for the benefit of tourists/visitors to take shelter in case of sudden change of weather.


NOTE -Above Shown Rates and availability of Vehicle Taxi to Rohtang pass is subject to Availbility /and terms and regulations and guidelines finalised via National Green Tribunal (NGT) and administration. The cost timing and cab type can be changed as per permit availibity .

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Rohtang Pass Review –

1- We have enjoyed a lot in Rohtang pass in July month. Cool place in summer.
Tourists can go for various thrilling activities like snow scooter, skiing and mountain biking. Nature lovers can enjoy beautiful views of glaciers, peaks and Chandra river that flows down in the Lahaul valley.

2- Reviewed 3 days ago
Rohtang Pass – great
We enjoy visit to Rohtag Pass en route to Sarchu. It is a wonderful experience. Enjoy every bit of it. It was a windy day and we have to reach Sarchu, so a time bound visit. but a great experience.Reviewed 4 days ago

3 Reviewed -1 week ago Stars not enough….
Wow! what a beautiful place is this. Fully covered with snow. One has to hire a taxi to go there. On tuesday it is closed. Permit is required to go there. Fixed Number of Vehicles are allowed (Note:- Please don’t take permit for Keylong if you want to go till rohtang only because authorities are not allowing and asking to go back). One has to take suit on rent which will include dungari and shoes and rent amounts to Rs. 250 which is fixed. One has to Purchase gloves and Shocks.The whole day is divided into two Batches i.e. 6:00 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. whose time is 6:00 A.M. has to leave Manali around 4:00 A.M. and whose time is 9:00 A.M. has to leave Manali around 6:00 A.M. There is huge rush so proper time management is required. From my point of view May end is the best time to visit Rohtang Pass.

4 Reviewed -1 week ago
Rohtang – A phenomenal experience
Be ready to shed anything up to 8000 rupees for an Alto, 15000 for a Sumo / Innova and 25000 for a Tempo Traveller… yes that’s what the local drivers are charging to take you to the Rohtang Pass. Thanks to the restricted number of permits and the local taxi union (and Rohtang being closed on Tuesdays) … one doesn’t have much choice to experience the heavenly views but shed the money and dance to their tune.

Leaving the money for the trip aside, you will almost be forced to rent the snow dresses and snow boots. Believe me, if you have a thick woolen jacket, woolen caps and you are wearing jeans and sports shoes – you will not require anything more (I went their with my kids and we did not rent any). For those who are sensitive to cold wear woolen inners and a half sleeve sweater before you wear your jacket. And for those who are ultra sensitive OR those who want to lie down on snow, rent those smelly dresses :-))

I strongly recommend you to start early (say 5:30 or 6 a.m.) ; our driver’s permit was from 9:30 a.m. but we reached the post by 7 a.m. He applied some “jugaad” and we were off to Rohtang.

The views are breathtaking and one of my best experiences till date having visited several countries in the past. Hats off to the Indian army for maintaining the roads brilliantly. There are several vantage points and you could shoot photos from your car. When we reached the valley it was a phenomenal experience with so many people and the vast expanse of snow all around.

Refund Policy

For refund related queries kindly send your queries on dc-kul-hp[at]nic[dot]in.

Terms & Conditions:-
01) Fee once paid is not refundable  ,Booking once confirmed can be canclled & our service charges are concerned by hand on such cancellation.
02) Postponement of date will be treated as cancellation and will be subject to availability.
03) Subject of Manalii Jurisdiction.
04) No change is permissible when one package is confirmed.
05) Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
06) No Refund will be granted on cancellation
07) AC during hills will not operated.
08) Please careful with personal belongings.
09) Major Sight Seeing point Rohtang Pass are close on Tuesday at Manali.
10) Due to any inclement weather condition at Himachal, we are not liable for any kind of refund.
11) Confirmation of tour is not included from Airport / Station to Bus Point and from Bus Point to Hotel.

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